I’ll shoot you an email to answer any last-minute questions and share my excitement to invite you to my studio!!

Within 6 months of your photo reveal appointment, you’ll want to do this again. Trust us ;)

Existing clients get goodies. We believe in that kind of special treatment. ;)

let's do it again!


Your products will be at your doorstep. I’ll keep you updated on that one.

Approx 2 monts after your reveal session:


We'll sit down and watch a beautiful slideshow of your images. At that time, choose your favorites for your wall art & album. Most client's upgrade, too.

At the photo reveal:


You’ll be greeted by myself and the glam squad. Hair and makeup start at 9 am. Come with clean dry hair and a moisturized clean face. I’ll hang your outfits up and plan our day out. I’ll play your favorite jams and relax... I have the rest. I will pose and direct you every step of the way! 

You'll go to lunch by 1pm & come back for your Image reveal session. This means everything is completed the same day!

I encourage you to take your fine self someplace nice after and show off your confident beautiful self. 

The day of the shoot: 


A few days before:

A few days before your shoot: 


You can always reach out to me via email; but if you want a broader audience, a safe space has been created so you can engage with other women who have experienced a Cate Autumn shoot, or have one coming up!

Start to get pumped about your shoot, ask any questions, calm any last-minute nerves, and interact with other empowered ladies through our Facebook page.



Within 30 days you'll start your payment plan towards the products of your choosing! This makes things easy and you will also get to choose your freebies!! 

Start your pre-session payment plan


We hop on the phone for 15 minutes and go over all the excitement and details of the shoot! You pay your session fee of $499 to secure your date. The session fee can be split in half. $249 due at time of phone call to book your date & wrap the next one into your payment plans.  



this is how it works:

"Every woman must do a boudoir in their lifetime as it is a life-changing moment."

soulful words

Photography for the soulful and modern woman.

Cate Autumn Studio

You deserve this experience.

More Than Just Showing Your Skin Off-It's About Rediscovering Your Power.

Our goal in the studio is to give you legacy portraits to hold on to for many generations.

Photography for the soulful and modern woman.

Cate Autumn