Absolutely, I am still taking a few weddings a year! I love capturing authentic love and being around a group of people celebrating. That’s still something I’m passionate about! I’d be happy to send you galleries to look at. 

Are you still shooting weddings?

I offer 6 sessions a month Sunday-Friday. Sunday’s book up FAST! Take a day off and pamper yourself. More than likely, you deserve it. I book 3 months in advance. I say book it now just to get yourself on the books. Right now, I’m booking for july-sept 2021.

How often do you do boudoir & when should I book?

Approximately two weeks after your session you’ll come back to the studio and you’ll see a slideshow of your images.. This is my favorite part. I step back and let you see YOU all the power and strength you showed off. I’m ALREADY SCREAMING FOR YOU!! YESS! All of our hard work curating these images that day come to life for you. 

When do I select my photos from my session?

There is a $399 session fee to retain  your date. This includes 3 hours in the studio, hair, makeup, styling assistance, and ordering session. You’ll purchase your product approximately two weeks after your session.

I go over in detail pricing over the phone so you fully know what you're getting yourself into! - Don't worry!

What do your packages include? How much should I expect to spend?

Cate Autumn Studios is located in Jackson, Michigan. The space has the most beautiful natural light that pours in and creates a dreamy atmosphere. The studio is on Cate’s property. It’s really beautiful during the warm months. You’ll come down the driveway and see green grass and gorgeous plants and flowers.

Where will my session take place?

Honestly, I’m not even close to exaggerating here, wardrobe is not that crazy important the way that I shoot. Please don’t feel the need to run out and buy all the new things. I can do a completely versatile and awesome shoot with just a scarf, or the sheets, or sweater. Truly don’t stress about it. My style is “I’m not trying too hard - chic.” You may bring up to 4 outfits. Black, white, nude are great for black & white portraits. 

#1 RULE: Do not show up in outfits you don’t love! Try everything on beforehand.
#2 RULE: Avoid crazy patterns, neon, or props.
# 3 RULE: If wearing thigh highs, purchase 1-2 sizes too big from the size chart on the back. Not kidding. 

What should I wear: 

My theory is that part of loving yourself is loving your authentic body. We may remove non-permanent blemishes or imperfections, or even small scars upon request, but never edit out something that’s a permanent part of you. I do responsibly smooth skin and enhance your beautiful eyes.

How much can you “edit out”?

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Our body and soul is the most magical thing for us to photograph.

Our goal in the studio is to give you legacy portraits to hold on to for many generations.